Criminal Record Checks

We Locate More Criminal Records

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Unbeatable Speed and Accuracy

- Clear County & State Results in 4 Hours

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Innovation & Technology


35 ATS & HRIS integrated partners

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ArrestDirect + SSN Trace

- Innovative Criminal Record Locator

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Solutions by Industry

Comprehensive & compliant background checking solutions for:


bullet Communication
bullet Education
bullet Financial
bullet Government
bullet Healthcare
bullet Retail

bullet Staffing

bullet Technology

bullet Transportation

bullet Utilities

Global Expertise

Sterling is truly global, with 12 offices on 3 continents. 


We deliver excellence in Compliance, Privacy, and Quality.


Sterling has screened nearly one million people from outside the US.


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Compliance Expertise


As regulations change, we update our processes and inform you.

No one has deeper FCRA expertise on staff than Sterling.

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Post-Employment Services


Employee Incarnation Alerts


How many of your employees have told you they've been jailed?


Discover what you've been missing!


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