Background Screening


Every company has different reasons to choose to implement a pre-employment screening program. Each business has their own unique goals and requirements, but all will find that by integrating a tailored screening program from Sterling, benefits will be seen across the entire organization.

Whether you’re ordering a criminal background check, designing a complete employment background checking program for each area of your corporate structure, or seeking to implement periodic employee drug screening or other post-hire compliance procedures, Sterling strives to provide you with high quality data and expert service.

Regardless of size, industry or geography, clients know they can rely on Sterling for background screening solutions notable for their speed, accuracy and flexibility. Sterling delivers excellence to over 20,000 clients worldwide.


We invite you to explore our background checking services and are always available to answer any questions you may have.



Background Check Services





Arrest Direct reveals up to 20% more Criminal Records.


Find convictions that had not previously been searched based on the SSN trace.


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