Fair Credit Reporting - Employment Credit Report


A credit check, included as part of a complete employment background check, is an excellent source for this type of examination.



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The best indicator of a person's future behavior is past behavior.



An employment credit report offers valuable insights into an applicant's sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations weigh strongly when hiring for a position involving handling or disbursing money and/or valuable inventory, or when the candidate may be placed in a position of fiscal responsibility and trust. When performing pre-employment background checks for positions in financial and retail industries, the credit check is an indispensable assessment tool.


The employee credit reports include more than credit history. By listing any aliases - or other names such as maiden names or nick names - used by the candidate, the credit report enhances the effectiveness of other screenings you might order for a pre-employment background check such as criminal conviction history, or sex offender registry check. The previous address and employer information collected by the credit check helps to confirm other information provided by the candidate for employment background checks, thereby facilitating screenings such as reference verification.


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