Employment Verification Services


Sterling's global network of employment verification experts, combined with its streamlined approach, enable you to make the right hiring decisions. Employment verification services offered by our ScreeningDirect online portal provide the most accurate results with the fastest turnarounds, securely and privately, in real-time forming an important part of our background employment screening services.



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end quotequote Applicants falsify information on resumes and applications more than 40% of the time.


Sterling conducts interviews with past employers and former supervisors to obtain a comprehensive employee verification and assessment of work history and capabilities. Our technology enables clients to furnish specific questions they want our professionals to ask when conducting the interview, or they can use our standard questions already programmed in our system.




Military Employment Verification


Sterling ensures the quality of your candidate by verifying their military record. We verify the military branch and dates of service by accessing the Military Record Repository, contacting a VA hospital directly or contacting the applicant for a DD214 Form.




Employment Verification Services - Driving History


For our DOT clients, we ensure your applicants are ready to operate your company vehicle by verifying their transportation history. We examine and verify their general performance for previous work, ask questions related to safe vehicle operation, accident history, history of substance abuse from a detailed background check perspective. All questions contained on the DOT verification request form comply with DOT regulations.




Education Verification


Unfortunately, inflating education credentials is a common practice. Sterling offers background screening services by verifying dates of attendance, course or study, degree, or credential received and the date the degree, or credential, was awarded. This may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees.




Personal & Professional Reference Check


Former supervisors, former co-workers or friends who provide information about your applicant are somewhat more subjective than normal performance questions included on an employee verification. Sterling ensures the information provided by those references is accurate in identifying the correct candidate as a part of our employment verification services.




Professional License Check & Certification Verification


Sterling's other popular employment background check service is professional license verification and certificate check. These verifications encompass a wide, and ever-growing, list of verifications, including but not limited to: MD, RN, LPN, CPA, JD, stock broker, teacher, stationary engineer, pilot, and so on.


Sterling has designed our professional license employee verification to verify: