Search for people with Social Media Search - Protect Your Workforce and Reputation


Traditional searches tell you what a candidate has done and what they were caught doing – a Social Media Search tells you what they are doing and what they haven’t been caught doing. However, indiscriminate searching of social media increases your liability and risk of disseminating protected class information. Sterling enables you to know who you’re hiring with an in-depth and FCRA compliant report.




Focused Social Media Solutions

Our in-depth search providing a detailed 360 degree view of the candidate’s online presence. This search includes nonuser generated content, and insight into the true reputation of the candidate as viewed by their peers or the community. With redaction of protected class information and reports containing User-Generated, 3rd party content, media content, and an  analysis of known affiliates, you’ll truly have a succinct view of your candidate’s online behaviour.




Why Use Sterling’s Social Media Search?